Asian Cup The third Arab final after 1996 and 2007 Koura Online kora live

 welcome all football fans to a short look at the Asian Cup, as it's known that the event was launched in 1956, but the first Arab participation took place in 1972 with Iraq and Kuwait, who were the first Arab brigades to qualify for the knockout rounds in 1976, when Kuwait lost the final, in front of Iran. 

 The first occasion to defy an Arab country in the final was wasted by Kuwait in 1984, when it lost in thesemi-finals to China and the occasion to defy Saudi Arabia, which won the title against the Red Dragon. 

 In the 1996 UAE edition, the visitant headed toward the decisive match, before her train stopped against Saudi Arabia, which decided the battle led by Yousef Al- Thunayan on penalties, after a goalless draw at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. 

The Arabs awaited until 2007 to watch a new fight decided by the Iraqi “ gangster ” Younis Mahmoud, when he headed the winning thing against Saudi Arabia in the 72nd nanosecond. 

 The script wasn't included in the ensuing editions, despite Qatar’s palm in 2019 in the UAE. presently, it seems that the scene will be repeated with the elimination of 6 Arab brigades out of 8 in the round of 16. 

 But the only two survivors completed the trip until the final match Jordan, by defeating Iraq, Tajikistan, and South Korea, and Qatar, by barring Palestine, Uzbekistan, and Iran. 

 It'll also be possible, in this final, for Moroccan Hussein Amouta to come the alternate Arab trainer to win the title, if he succeeds in prostrating Qatar, which is supervised by the Spanish “ Tentin ” Marques Lopes. 

 Saudi Khalil Al- Zayani is unique in this achievement when he led his country to the 1984 title.

 Really, football fans around the world are waiting for the final match tomorrow between Qater and Jordan.

 time of the match Qater vs Jordan

  The match starts, tomorrow, Saturday, at 3:00 GMT and at 16:00 Saudi Arabia, at Lusail Stadium, in the Capital city of Qater,Duha, where the final match of the Asian Cup will be held.